Sophie’s Academic Juxtapositions

My second term at Cardiff officially started on January 24th. As you may remember from my last post, I was feeling quite blue. I had returned to Cardiff too early and was bored out of my mind! But I am pleased to announce that I am back in the land of academia, ready to take on this term! I am in three classes (or “modules” as they say here). They will transfer back to UBC as 5 credits each, which makes this a full course load.

15037287_10211240263149236_2285640253698382128_nI am continuing in the conservation program this term in my class, “Conservation Skills in Practice.” We will be learning to conserve waterlogged leather found in Cardiff Castle. I’m looking forward to learning these skills, but more so, continuing being a part of such a fantastic little community here in Cardiff. The conservation program is small- there’s only 1 undergraduate in my year and 8 masters students. We all learn together and I freaking love it! I will think back fondly on my time in the lab with these wonderful ladies (plus Dean) when I’m sitting in my 300-odd person lectures next year.

My second class is in the school of journalism, media, and culture. I’m taking a course called “Creative and Cultural Industries.” We have so far heard the term “creative economy” a lot.
I don’t have a strong read on the course yet, but I have been told that my instructor is a key researcher in museum studies- so I hope she can help me a bit! We seem to follow many of the same people on Twitter. I finally take a class in a building that’s pretty! [(Note header image) (sorry John Percival)]. I’m also very excited because I met my first Canadian in Cardiff! Not only is he Canadian- but he’s at UBC in the Bachelor of Media Studies- which I had actually dropped out of after first year! My mom even lectured in one of his classes last term. Weird, right?

My final class is called “Science and Literature.” It is an English class, but we are reading novels, plays, poems, and actual science journals. I love my professor. He is incredibly engaging and I can only compare his first lecture to that of a Ted Talk. Unfortunately, it is a literature class. I’m off to read a novel a week…! I realized during my first seminar how long it had been since I dissected a poem for hidden meaning. It’s not that I’m bad at it, but I’m much more “science” than “literature.” That reminds me- as I posted on Facebook, a few students in the seminar were talking about the difference between arts and science students- and a few of them were knocking on about how scientists aren’t “cultured.” I’m looking forward to proving them wrong.


Let’s start with me. I’m cultured- aren’t I? I definitely can’t classify myself as a “science” or an “arts” student. I’ve worked at a planetarium, and hospital, love neurology and am a sci-fi nerd. I also work in a museum, love film, fine art, and fashion. I now study conservation, which is learning to conserve art and historic objects with scientific methods. Don’t even get me started on my psychology major- what a jumble! I registered for this science and literature class because of its very specific blend of my two fields and I’m looking forward to educating these snobby students on what they’re missing.

I only have two and a half months of class. It’s much less than it ought to be but I hope it will be enjoyable.




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  1. Sophie we are so happy you are part of our conservation crew! It wouldn’t be the same without you ❤


  2. Good news and sounds like you are into a fascinating adventure there. Will still bring maple syrup and home canned sockeye.
    Wouldn’t it be horrendous if they both broke in my suitcase.

    xox love nana

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